Contract Cell Culture

Mammalian cell culture

Our cell culture services include primary cultures of human origin as well as established cell lines. This facilitates the production of natural or recombinant proteins or for use in biological assays such as wound healing bioassays, immunomodulation, cell migrations, proliferation/viability, or investigating the inflammatory mediator response. Our labs are equipped with Class ll biological safety cabinets, fridges, freezers and CO2 incubators.
All routine cells are cultured without the use of antibiotics, using a variety of media with additives and serum-free media as appropriate. All cells are tested for the presence of Mycoplasma contamination.

Cell Lines, Primary Cultures

Cell lines maintain their phenotype and their ability to proliferate indefinitely in laboratory cultures. Primary cell isolates are derived from fresh tissue explants and maintain their phenotypic characteristics and their growth capabilities for a limited period of time in cultures. Both cell lines and primary cultures can be stored frozen in liquid nitrogen and then cultured back in appropriate culture medium. These processes facilitate biological studies that are convenient, reproducible, and cost effective. Cell lines are used for assay development/validation. Cell lines therefore allow studies that may be difficult with whole organs or in vivo, such as mechanism of action, radioactive experiments, or cell transfection. Cell lines with desired properties are obtained from repositories such as the American Type Culture Collection.

  • We have extensive experience in culturing various primary human cells.
  • We have extensive experience in various human cell lines for stable and transient expression of target proteins
  • Our expertise includes protein expression in HEK293 and CHO cell lines


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