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Cellomatics Biosciences Ltd. is a laboratory-based Contract Research Organisation (CRO) specialised in Oncology, Immuno-Oncology, Immunology, Inflammation and Respiratory therapeutic areas.
We provide bespoke pre-clinical/early discovery phase laboratory services to support Biotech, Pharmaceutical companies and Academic groups in their drug discovery projects. Our aim is to assist our clients in expediting their drug development programmes by providing high quality ethical services.
Cellomatics BioSciences is continually striving to offer added value to all our client discovery projects. We achieve this by constantly reviewing and evaluating new technologies that complement and augment our preclinical in vitro capabilities.

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We offer a range of preclinical services:

TARGET VALIDATION We offer a range of strategies for modulating gene expression in vitro including the use of antibodies, negative dominant controls, antisense oligonucleotides,ribozymes and small-interfering RNAs.
IN VITRO CELL-BASED ASSAYS Cellomatics BioSciences also have expertise in designing, developing, performing and analysing functional cell-based assays using well-established cell lines and primary cells. We offer a comprehensive panel of cell-based functional assays using a vast selection of 2D and 3D cellular, co-culture models to determine the functional efficacy of your drug candidates.
BIOMARKER VALIDATION AND QUALIFICATION Molecular biomarkers are mainly used in early drug development, safety and proof of concept studies, as well as molecular profiling. Cellomatics BioSciences provides assay development and validation for prognostic/predictive clinical and pathway activation biomarkers:
PREDICTIVE TOXICITY The main objective of pre-clinical testing is to determine the potential adverse effects, toxicity and drug/drug interactions before the drug is tested in either animal models or in a Phase 1 clinical trial. Hepato and renal in vitro toxicity tests are therefore vital for pre-screening drug compounds to reduce costs for in vivo testing and clinical trials. As the animal model might not mirror the human model completely, there is a powerful need to identify physiologically-relevant hepatic and kidney cellular models. Cellomatics BioSciences offers a vast selection of:
CONSULTANCY In consultation with you, we can design strategies for the identification and validation of targets and biomarkers to support your drug discovery programs. Our team of experienced scientists can provide consultancy to assist you in designing, developing, optimizing and validating your assays for your target and biomarker qualification work. We will provide regular electronic updates on the progress of your projects.

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Our Project Management

At Cellomatics BioSciences, we believe in efficient Project Management to ensure delivery of a high-quality work and complete client satisfaction.
Every project is assigned a Project Manager and a Project Director: a two-step Quality control approach. The Project Manager is the central contact point throughout the project life cycle with day to day operational responsibilities and management of the project team to produce high quality deliverables. The Project Director has an overall responsibility for the timely execution and delivery of the project within the agreed budget.
Key Stages of a Project Life Cycle

Project Initiation

  • Defining Study Objectives
  • Finalisation of study design
  • Planning resources

Project Planning

  • Assigning roles and responsibilities
  • Scheduling the Project Plan
  • Assessing Risk & Mitigation/ Contingency Strategies
  • Planning communication schedules

Project Execution

  • Conduct studies
  • Regular internal and external project updates
  • Quality assurance/control
  • Time and cost management

Monitoring & Controlling

  • Project Status monitoring
  • Scope/Change Management

Project Closure

  • Project Close-Out Meeting
  • Key outcomes review
  • Archiving

Project Feedback

  • Team feedback
  • Client feedback
  • Feedback evaluation

Cellomatics Biosciences

Integrated Research Services

Our strengths lie in our team of staff scientists and consultants who are experts in bioassay development and validation. Our dynamic team of scientists have expertise in diverse technologies and therapeutic areas including Oncology, Immuno-oncology, Immunology, Inflammation and Respiratory

With years of experience, they have the competencies to understand your requirements and deliver innovative and practical solutions. Our laboratory based in Biocity Nottingham is equipped with the state-of-the-art-technologies to provide validated and reproducible data to aid drug discovery for our partners.

Our Mission

Quality, Flexibility, Reliability and Customer Support

Our mission is to provide excellence in preclinical in vitro drug discovery to support our client’s quest for ethical, high quality cost-effective laboratory services. We accomplish this by adhering to our corporate core values including Integrity, Flexibility, Quality, Reliability and Accuracy.

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Therapeutic Area Expertise

We provide expertise in Oncology/Immuno-Oncology, Immunology/Inflammation and Respiratory Therapeutic areas.

Value for money

We provide high quality services which are cost effective and meets our sponsor requirements.


We offer flexibility in our services to our sponsors so that they have the right science at the right time.

Customer Support

We provide regular updates on the projects progress.

Effective Time Management

Our objective is to work efficiently: from sample collection to project delivery.

Logistics Support

We work towards reducing your workload and stress.

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Cellomatics Biosciences Ltd. is a specialised Contract Research Organisation (CRO) providing bespoke preclinical laboratory based services.

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