Response to COVID-19 Situation

We at Cellomatics Biosciences Ltd would like to extend our regards to the wider community and outline the company’s approach in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Due to the nature of our work as a Contract Research Organisation, Cellomatics Biosciences Ltd continues with its operations and maintains constant contact with its associated clientele. However, we remain vigilant with any new restrictions implemented on businesses like ours. Therefore, in accordance to the UK government’s policy, Cellomatics Biosciences Ltd have enforced some precautionary measures to protect the health and welfare of its employees.

The following actions will ensure minimal social and physical contact within the company to ultimately reduce any spread of infection:

  • Limited in-person meetings with clients and representatives
  • Assigned shifts so that both laboratory work and housekeeping duties are sufficiently covered without the need of the entire team
  • Where possible, work remotely and encourage online platforms to communicate within the team
  • Avoid travel unless absolutely essential

Cellomatics Biosciences Ltd is equipped with the necessary resources that allow client work to continue either on-site or remotely. The management will therefore be capitalising on these to deliver projects as normal while supporting a safe working environment for its employees. Currently, there are no significant interruptions to our work but please contact us at if you have any queries.

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